Advantages of a Hub & Spoke Model

• Speeds up the development of Villages across the metro-area.

• Eliminates the need for each spoke Village to get its own independent 501c3 status, while allowing them to provide tax-deductions to donors.

• Provides economy of scale savings—both in terms of manpower and financial outlay—to all the Villages that are part of the system.

• Enables Villages within the same area to effectively share resources and combine efforts to apply for funding and negotiate key strategic partnerships.

• Standardizes financial record keeping, donor records, grant tracking, and data collection across multiple Villages, which makes them collectively more attractive to potential funders.

• Helps ensure all Villages are knowledgeable about and in compliance with nonprofit legal requirements.

•Allows the spoke Villages to focus on what they are most interested in: namely, the day-to-day operating of their Village.


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