An annual Village membership for adults 50 and older can simplify your life, save you money, help you maintain your home, reduce your stress, keep you mobile, and connect you to others in your community. The benefits include confidence, connectedness, independence, and peace of mind.

Membership is much more affordable than retirement communities or assisted living facilities. In Oregon, the average cost per month for assisted living in 2015 was $3,880, and retirement communities can be much higher. By contrast, full service village membership is about $45 for an individual or $65 for two.

We also offer membership starting at $25 a month for those who want to support the Village and ensure it is strong and thriving down the road when they need more regular assistance. Benefits for this level of membership can include:

  • Village events and activities
  • A handful of services annually
  • Temporary upgrade to full service following surgery or an accident
  • Screened or recommended vendors
  • Tax deduction
Membership fees vary slightly by Village.
For details, check out the Village serving your neighborhood.