Especially for Boomers

“Visits to their parents in sterile, regimented assisted living or nursing homes are leaving boomers dismayed. They want better choices for Mom — and for themselves. While they may be a decade or more away from needing care, they’re overhauling or honing traditional models and inventing new ones.”
“Boomers Redefine Retirement Living,” AARP Bulletin 2011


“Boomers are saying, ‘Huh-uh, we’re not doing what our parents did. We’re not going to be institutionalized…’”

“Villages Take Root Around Virginia,” AARP 09/2010


“In choosing how they want to age, and where, boomers are helping shape the future of housing. The common denominator in existing and still-to-be-created models, say experts, is the desire to be part of a community that shares common interests, values or resources. People want to live where neighbors know and care about one another and will help one another as they age.”

“Boomers Redefine Retirement Living,” AARP Bulletin 2011


“Baby Boomers who are dealing with the financial burden and emotional guilt of putting their parents in retirement homes also are driving the movement. The village concept gives ‘peace of mind to children of older adults,’ says Cynthia Muller, director of strategic investments at NCB Capital Impact.”
“Villages let elderly grow old at home,”USA Today 2010

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