Become an Ambassador

Anyone who believes that life can be dramatically improved for boomers and seniors across the Portland metro-area by the development of a network of local Villages is invited to apply to be a Villages NW ambassador.

Ambassadors will develop a deep understanding of Villages NW’s mission, vision, innovative hub and spoke model, and strategies for growing Villages across the metro-area and be able to persuasively articulate these elements in order to encourage more people to support this important movement. They will introduce Villages NW to potential partners, allies and funders; represent Villages NW at presentations, events, online and through special assignments; and share public policy messages with elected officials about issues that affect the local Village movement. They will also provide support for Villages NW’s fundraising efforts, and keep their eyes and ears open for new funding opportunities for the Villages NW Hub and Spoke Network.

Ambassadors will work closely with the Villages NW Board, and Villages NW will seek to identify and take advantage of each ambassador’s unique skill set, and to focus their volunteering in the areas they are best suited for. We are looking for a small corps of smart, capable, articulate ambassadors who are passionate about this work and eager to roll up their sleeves and get involved on the meta-level. If this describes you, please contact to learn more.


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