It Takes A Village

It  Takes a Village – A Free Community-wide Event

Saturday, June 15 10:30am – 1:00pm
East Portland Community Center, 740 SE 106th Ave, Portland

Whatever you call it – a community, a tribe, a support network – it takes a Village to successfully age-in-place. Older adults want to remain in their own homes as long as possible, but they’ll need a Village to do it! Come learn about the local Village movement, weigh in on what you need to age-in-place, explore available resources, and enjoy a lively conversation with Sage-ing International’s David Rozell on “Who’s Your Community?” at 11am and captivating tales from local storytellers Anne Rutherford and Ken Iverson starting at noon.

Space is limited – select this link to register now!

This event is a joint presentation of AARP Oregon and the Eastside Village PDX planning group. The Eastside Village PDX project is made possible in part through grant funding from the City of Portland and SE Uplift’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program.

“Who’s Your Community?”
A Conversation with Sage-ing International’s David Rozell

David Rozell has dedicated the second half of his life to creating a different model of aging in the world; one that sets aside the cultural aging stereotypes of past generations and creates new positive opportunities and understanding for all ages.

David is a certified professional retirement coach with clients throughout the U.S. and is an adjunct instructor in Gerontology at Marylhurst University where he leads seminars related to aging more intentionally and creatively. David also leads retirement planning workshops around the region.

Currently, David, is on the Board of Directors of Sage-ing International and is Chair of their Sages In Service Committee. In June 2013 he will be certified by Sage-ing International as a Certified Sage-ing Leader.


“Have We Got Tales to Tell!”
with Storytellers Anne Rutherford and Ken Iverson

Ever since her mother read her The Wizard of Oz, Anne Rutherford has loved a good story. She grew up in a small Pennsylvania town (part Norman Rockwell, part Stephen King), went to college in New England and came to Oregon with a volunteer-service program in 1983.

After working as a fiscal manager and a professional mediator and facilitator, in 1999 Anne found her calling as a storyteller. She rented a hall, sold tickets, and people came to hear her!

Since then, she’s written and performed dozens of original stories plus vintage short fiction, poems and songs for audiences of all ages. She’s appeared in all kinds of venues, including inside collapsing tents and on stages shared by biting ants.

Anne lives with her husband Ron near the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. In 2010 and 2011 she won 1st place at the Liar’s Contest at the Northwest Folklife Festival (so don’t believe everything she tells you.)


Ken Iverson has been telling stories and leading storytelling workshops for over 30 years. Some of his greatest enjoyment comes from telling stories that inspire others to begin telling their favorite stories. He tells at Libraries, birthday parties, festivals, just about anywhere that people gather and want to hear a good story.

Ken is one of the founding members, and a past president, of the Portland Storyteller’s Guild, now in it’s 28th year of developing storyteller’s and promoting storytelling in the Pacific Northwest.


Space is limited – select this link to register now!

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