Rivers East Village

Rivers East Village (Milwaukie/Gladstone)
December 2020 Events


Village by Village Events –  Rivers East Village will host their 3rd Friday Coffee on December 18th 10am-11am and monthly Book Worm Salon Tuesday, December 15  4pm-5pm.  Join the villagers of Rivers East Village at either of these events for some virtual fun!  Contact info@riverseastvillage.org or (971) 808-2340 for more information.

Rivers East Village will also host a virtual Happy Hour and add more events throughout the month.   For more info on these events, please visit their website.

Events for All Villagers – Every Monday, 11am-12pm:   Yoga For Healthy Aging 
Rivers East Village sponsors the weekly sessions.  One-hour session charges $6.99.
A certified yoga therapist and teacher, Petra Fibrichova specializes in yoga for healthy aging.

Tuesday, December 15, 10am-11am.  Managing Personal Documents & Records 
Do you have a hard time finding documents when you need them?  Are you buried in paper and don’t know where to begin?
This informational presentation will provide a simple and effective 5-step system to organize and purge all the paper.  A free 4-page handout will be available upon request after the presentation.
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Please go to the Rivers East Village website for more information.

More information can also be found on our website and on our Facebook page.