Tracking Volunteer Hours


NOTICE: (Nov 27, 2021) The Volunteer hour tracking and reporting system has been officially moved from the Viva Village website to the Villages Northwest website.   All data at the new location is now official. To begin using the new system, CLICK HERE to jump to the master launching page for both logging and reporting modules. Emails for volunteer logging are unchanged, as are passwords for office reporting. Any old bookmarks you might have for quick access to the old location will have to be changed.

Again, begin using the new system by CLICKING HERE.

Make it a daily practice!

Why is reporting important?

As we seek to validate our community presence required to attract business and foundation support for your Village, it is important to document the volunteer commitment of our organization’s members. Knowing both the number of contributed hours and the number of different contributors is essential to demonstrating the strength of your Village. In addition, several local companies will make cash contributions to benefit your Village based on the the number of volunteer community-service hours current [and retired] employees make.

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